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Still Without a Mask? These 5 Black Women Owned Brands Can Change that.

We've been under quarantine due to the Corona Virus for quite some time now and if we have to be in public for essential needs, the rules have been quite clear to stay six feet from others and wear a mask to help minimize or stop the spread of the virus. While others are not wearing masks out of willful ignorance about the seriousness of the virus, some, have simply not known where to get them. Those without sewing skills but still wanting to take precaution have been using scarfs and bandanas but they have proven to be a nuisance as they are unable to stay up long enough run errands. As creatives have come together to eliminate the mask shortage for healthcare workers, they are now available to help the public get protected and because we uplift the creativity of people of African decent, here are five black female entrepreneurs making masks that can help you make your essential runs.

We love the tie-dye like look of these masks . They are $13.99 and include shipping all over the states. Check them out before your favorite colors are gone.

This brand is also Atlanta based and we are obsessed with the boldness of the dark and pastel colors. These are $10.00 each excluded shipping. DM the owner for what you'd like.

This Dallas Based Brand is super cool with myriad colors on one side and denim on the other as seen here. These are $14.00 plus shipping and totally worth it. DM the designer to place in your order.

If you look for too long, you might get lost in these beautiful sea of colors. This Atlanta based brand is $7.00 plus shipping. DM the designer to yours today.

This Jersey based brand costs $10.00 dollars plus shipping. The designer is also taking orders from her home country of Kenya. Send her a message via her facebook page for an order and in the rare case to have trouble reaching her, send us a message and we will get it to her.

Even after the curve flattens, it will take eighteen to twenty-one months for the Corona Virus vaccine to become available to the public. This means we will more than likely need to continue to wear some form of protective gear when in public. Because some protection is better than no protection, don't get caught without any.

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